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All Crimea: Geography. Climate.

Geographical position.Crimea Autonomy republic is the part of Ukraine.

In the north it borders by Perekopsky rampart and Sivash, in the northeast by Arabatskaya Spit, in the north by Kherson district. In the south it borders by the Hero-city Sevastopol.

The capital of Crimea is Simferopol (about 400.000 inhabitans), the center of business and cultural life connecting all peninsila roads.

Situated between Europe and Asia it is populated by people of many nationalities and it has civilization of unusuall diversity of monuments and history, modern economics and culture as well.  

Area. Its territory is 25.000 It is little less than Belgium, Albania and Gaiti but bigger than Israel. But Crimea has varied natural conditions, combination of mountains and plains, favourable agriculture and convenient seacoast. 

Relief. The Crimean mountains run three-parallel ridges from Sevastopol to Feodosia. Their northern slopes are slight and southern ones are steep. The highest peak Roman-Kosh is 1545 m above sea level.

Climate. The southern coast from Aya Cape to Kara-Dag Mountain has a subtropical climate, the northern part has continental mild one. From the middle of May to the end of September it is sunny, hot and dry with seldom short rains. The autumn is sunny as well, but it often rains. Winter on mountains is wonderful: dry frosty air, clean fluffy snow. Thousand of Crimeans leave for Angarsky Pass and Ai-Petri Mountain for weekends. In spring the deep Black Sea warmers slower in Yalta and Alushta than in the western and eastern parts of Crimea.

Relative humidity us about 65-80 per cents here. Yalta has lowerest relative humidity. Worthy to be reminded that dry subtropics is the health climate for Europeans.

Crimea is rich in uncommon vegetation and animals, unspeakable landscapes. Over 2,5 per cents of Crimea territory are reservations. Many of them are visited by tourist to handle carefully with nature is demanded of you.

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